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Holiday Angel Wish Announcement Newsletter
Posted by wadt support on 06 December 2017 04:50 PM

Holiday Angel Wish Announcement Newsletter

Angels are stopping by  from 12/12 through 12/24

1. The Annual WADT Angels Gathering of hope will commence on 12/12/13 through 12/23

2. If we notified you already that you have an Angel please answer your phone when we call and please respond to all e-mails.

3. If you picked up for Thanksgiving, you still have the opportunity to update your story of survivor along with everyone else

4. If you did not and are posting your wish list on the forum (, we will pick folks from the 'wish list '. Our volunteers are reading your posts and will pick at their discretion in consultation with our Angel Committee to elect folks from the forum 'wish list'.

6. To be included in the Angel foof toys, christmas wish- list group, you must do the following:

 a. E-mail your story of survivor to; 

b. Answer the questions who, what where, how why when

c. Give your children's clothes sizes, your clothes sizes, shoe sizes for your family

.d. Tell us your children's favorite food, likes, dislikes, toys. Please state their names , so when the gifts are wrapped it will reflect their names.

e. At the bottom, please restate your phone number and e-mail.

E-mail to, subject: WADT Christmas Angel gathering of Hope 2017- My story of survivor.

5. Our Volunteers will fill the order for those who have Angels in addition to the toys they are receiving, if the Angels deem it necessary they will include food, with their outreach.

6. Please bring with you a Thank you card for the Angels a written thank you from the children addressed to the Angels is appreciated a home made thank you card is encouraged written by the children (a way to teach the children to appreciate the kindness of strangers)

7. Please note that we go beyond food, we offer Business training for Survivors, after shool math and science tutoring for the children see: for more...

Having a hard time posting on the forum 2017wish list?

Here's what to do

a. To Register go:

b. Upon registering e-mail us your username, so we may approve it on the forum

 c. Now login at with your username and password

the forum Holiday 2017will now open, post under Holiday2017

Post under Holiday 2017 ONLY, if you post elsewhere we will not see it and as such will not be able to help.

 Please start your post as New so we may respond to you ONLY

Do not add to other folks post.

Any question PM the moderator on the forum

Deadline is Friday December 15-2017 at Midnight. We have to have this on time so you are not making several trips for p/u. Also note this e-mail is NOT for TOY registration. That is closed, this e-mail is for Angel request, this has no age restriction.

Blessings all

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