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WADT Food Distribution Response to #COVID-19
Posted by wadt support on 19 April 2020 12:18 PM
Yesterday Saturday 4/18/20, we did a trial run of our restaurant food distribution and delivery response. After months of preparation in coordination with our #California logistics Partners, we are happy to report that it was a huge success.

Below are the guidelines to receive the  food outreach from #wadt :

1. Send an e-mail to, in your e-mail tell us how many people  in your family
2. Tell us your food allergies, if any, tell us if you are a vegan
3. Tell us how many toddlers
4. Are you able to pick up within an hour on a Saturday when called?

Pick up- what to expect

 We will leave all items to be picked up at the curbside (this is why we are doing Sat. so we may have the entire Campus to ourselves in order to properly socially distance.

Happy Sunday all

Feel free to call us at 404/ 477-4211,  please leave a message, we would call you back. Please answer your phone when we call, we DO NOT leave any messages because of the safety of our staff, volunteers and you our clients.

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