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Posted by wadt support on 01 December 2019 09:38 AM
Please follow the guidelines below in order to post your story of survivor

Guidelines for submitting your story of survivor- please read carefully


1. To submit your story of survivor to #wadt here is what you should do- remember everyone has a story, but your story is unique to you, your experience regarding domestic violence issues and how you have overcome the issue are very crucial when relaying your story to our holiday Angels.

2. If still in the thick of it all, we  wish to know how our Angels can help you and the children to breathe free.

3. Please answer the following questions: who, what, when, how, where the issues occurred in your life.

4.  Please type or hand write legibly so folks can read what you have written

5. You may type on your phone as an e-mail and e-mail your raw narratives to us

6. At the end of your story of survivor, please include the following:Your phone number, Your full name, your children's names,  gender, ages, all shoe sizes for you and the children, clothes sizes, your e-mail address.

7. Please note the Angels fulfilling your requests are Corporations and everyday people in the  community, their hearts wish to help, you must give them a reason why they need to help your family based on your circumstance.

8.  E-mail to: Subject: My Story of Survivor, WADT Angels-  e-mail to : holiday2019 at
9. Remember to include your phone number and call back to see why we have called.
10. At the end of the story- please restate your name, children's names ages, gender and sizes including yours (shoes, clothes, school uniforms, pants sizes

11. If all you need are toys and the children are 0-11yrs, you do not need to submit a story of survivor.

Deadline: 12/15/19



If posting on the forum, please do not use your real names.


Many blessings

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