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Thanksgiving / Chritmas
Posted by wadt support on 06 November 2017 08:11 PM
To register for the Holiday Event please do the following
What next:
An e-mail will come from us after reg. Had closed containing info on further actions
Please Note the following:
All services, toys, food... Are distributed on a first come first served basis and at NO cost to you.
Toys distribution has an age limitation of 11yrs.
Registration is from 11-06-15 through 12/7
We reserve the right to shut down the registration on or before 12/7/2017 depending on the number of respondents.
If e-mailing us your story of survivor we need to receive it in a timely manner. No exceptions please.
Please note we are allowing group registration, this year but you must submit the e-mail address of all the folks in your group and the names.
Thanks for your Cooperation
Please note that registering on the forum or on the support site is not the same as registering on the main site.
Please take your time when registering, so we may accommodate the huge number of folks needing help
You are encouraged to REGISTER ONLY ONCE.  Please adhere to the honor code so other children in the community may receive toys and food.
If you need help you may submit a support ticket and one of our volunteers will get back with you via e-mail to help.
Only one registration per household per ip address, we reserve the right
Need help: Open a support ticket:

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